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What Happened to StartCast?

Sorry to all 22 of you who have listened to the inaugural episode of StartCast only to be left wondering what’s been happening over the past eight months. In my first and very melodramatic episode, I set the stage for a journey that would take the listener along with me as I navigated my options to pursue my startup or get a “real” job.

What I chose to do was to focus almost all of my effort and energy on learning how to code. The reason I pursued that path was to bring my career full circle. While I have run businesses and developed products, I have had my nose pressed against the glass as others have wrote the code needed to bring my visions to life. Learning to code was the last step needed for me to become completely self-sufficient. It was a serious deficiency that I am happy to report remedied.

During my podcasting hiatus, I have been developing two products simultaneously. As I have built each, I have honed my software development skills. At the same time, I have helped several clients navigate business obstacles of their own. I have always been a hard worker but it’s been quite some time since I have burned so much midnight oil in the pursuit of goals. It has been challenging, rewarding and exhausting.

Like most everyone else, I have to work to pay the bills. My software skills have improved to the point where I briefly considered working as a developer. In fact, I was invited to an on-site interview a few weeks ago. It was my first technical interview and I had only a vague idea of what to expect. Suffice to say, the gentlemen who interviewed me handed me my ass in the most professional and polite way possible. I learned a lot that day not the least of which being that while I can certainly write the high quality code needed to support my products, I have a long way to go to work in the role of software developer professionally.

“Six Months to Live” was a bit of an exaggeration. It served as a useful milestone but the reality is that I have more runway ahead and am looking forward to launching my products. Of course, I’m always keeping an open mind to other projects. All that being said, I have not given up on the podcast. I simply deprioritized it while I worked on my business, for my clients and maintained a healthy family life. No promises on the next installment other than to say it won’t be another eight months.

Thanks for listening and waiting patiently!

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